This one will always be special to me. I’ve heard many people say my job is easy and sure anyone can get you in contract, but it takes a problem solver, someone with determination and someone who will never give up on you to make it to closing; someone who is a true professional with a passionate heart. As I took this listing the market began to shift in late 2018. Buyers began to put on the breaks and prices began to cool down. Through our “rainiest and coldest” winter in San Diego, water intrusion came through the walls of this home, right as we were opening escrow. With a small HOA, the board decided they would not be associating any resources towards the hefty restoration. As you can imagine, buying and selling a home is very emotional. Add on water intrusion, abatement, restoration, HOA reserve issues, loosing out on possible new homes to move to and the thought that you could possibly not be able to move on with your life. Most real estate agents will turn off their phones at 5pm, forget about what you could possibly going thru and move on with their evening. There’s only a small group of us that will take your call “after hours”, have sleepless nights because we are trying to figure out a way or meet you on a Sunday evening- because we genuinely care and feel what you are going through. This one took 8 months to close, but we got through it and even at time when one would have thought it wouldn’t be possible, it was. 

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