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Dr. Jeffrey Schaefer says

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April 2018
Jennifer is as good it gets in the realty arena! My wife and I started searching for a place to live in Encinitas before a move from Texas last Spring. We spent countless hours scouring craigslist and hotpads for a place to rent, but we had no luck. That’s when Jennifer took us under her wing. In her third trimester of pregnancy no less, she would drive around San Diego checking out listings for us. She did it out of the kindness of her heart, asking for nothing in return. We were in awe at her determination to physically look at places, and we appreciated her honesty and integrity throughout the process. We are happily renting right now, but when the time comes to buy a home, we would love to have Jennifer Campos in our corner as our realtor. She’s so talented and passionate about everything she does, and it shows in her business
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